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“From Dead Sea” Kennel
Vozdukh Vremeni Aljoscha Mladshiy
Kair Del Chikago
Tellus Danes Wielislaw
Viskonti Dog Orchidea Mon Amor

“Ukrainian Kennel Union” Club

Club's manager: George Onishchenko



Ukraine - Contract partners of FCI

Great Danes in the “Ukrainian Kennel Union” Club

Memorial of “Ukrainian Kennel Union” Club

This club has puppies for sale:

“Del Azart Dog” Kennel

Puppies from De Fionix Zahar and Mersedes Del Aazart Dog

Was born at unknown, colors: blue, black

Black and blue puppies for sale in Ukraine

Contacts: Phones: +38 067 447 28 76
+38 063 268 67 68
+38 044 592 64 31


“Iz Staira” Kennel

Puppies from Vito Corleone Di Stella Ardens and Extravaganza Valeri iz Staira

Was born at 04.10.2013, colors: mantle

Puppies for sale from kennel "IZ STAIRA", owner of Kennel Stafeeva I.A.,Ukraine.

Contacts: Phone +38 095 388 10 78
Skype: greendukehome


Puppies from Los Angeles del Regno di Fantasia and Cara Mia Terra Alano

Was born at 05.08.2013, colors: black

Sale black Great Dane puppies with excellent pedigree (Kiev)

Contacts: +38-097-923-75-06


“Terra Alano” Kennel

Puppies from Best of Roys Yuventus and Top Style Trinity Terra Alano

Was born at 17.09.2013, colors: harlequin, black

Harlequin male, harlequin female and 2 black females are for sale in «Terra Alano» Kennel (Ukraine, Kiev)

Contacts: Phone: +38 067 9504083 (Irina, Kiev)


“Sakha-Muni” Kennel

Puppies from Chyornaya Graciya Ingar and Ledi-Ratna Sakha-Muni

Was born at 14.07.2013, colors: harlequin, black

2 harlequin females, 1 black male, 1 black female are for sale in Ukraine (Nikolaev)

Contacts: +38050-590-18-25 Natalia


“Iz Juzhnogo Siyaniya” Kennel

Puppies from Krauss de Can Duran and Oldbluz Nica Nicole

Was born at 07.07.2013., colors: harlequin, black, mantle

1 mantle male are for sale in Ukraine

Contacts: Sevatopol (Crimea, Ukraine)
Phone: +38 095 513 1966
More information on kennel's homepage


Puppies from Fortissimo Del Castello Delle Rocche and Ostrov Crimea Massandra

Was born at 2013-05-14, colors: harlequin, black, merlequin

May 14, 2013 in kennel "Ostrov Crimea" (Ukraine) got wonderful children. 1 black male, harlequin female, merlequin female,
2 black females. Puppies in Kiev. 2 black females are for sale.

Contacts: Ukraine, Kyiv
Phone: +380505649903
Puppies page


“Iz Juzhnogo Siyaniya” Kennel

Puppies from Caiac de Can Duran and Diva d'Iskandar

Was born at 06.10.12, colors: harlequin, black, merlequin

Litter «K». 2 black males, 2 harlequin males and 1 merlequin male are for sale.

Contacts: Phone +38 095 513 1966. Additional information on HOMEPAGE.


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