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Viskonti Dog Orchidea Mon Amor
Nevskiy Legion Lux
Aljoscha v. Allersdorfer Bach with descendants
Vozdukh Vremeni Vamp
Jugend v. Hause Wagner

“Russian Club Dog” Club

Club's manager: Kurbatova

Moscow, Russia


Great Danes in the “Russian Club Dog” Club

Memorial of “Russian Club Dog” Club

  • Grandchampion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Lithuanian National Club Winner 2008, Lithuanian National Club Champion, Rus. National Club Champion, 3xRKF Champion, Young Champion of Russia, Best of Breed on Gran-Prix Royal Canin 2006, 9xBest Veteran, 2xCACIB, 2xR.CACIB, 14xBOB, BIS-1, BIG-1, 2xBIG-3, BISP-1, BISJ-4, 2xBISV-1, 2xBISSV-1, T-1, HD-A
    CW on Virtual Great Dane Show 2006, CW on Virtual Great Dane Show 2005, Virtual Bronze Medal - third in class, Virtual Great Dane Show 2004
    Vozdukh Vremeni Vamp — was died at 2012-11-24
  • Interchampion, Grandchampion of Russia, Multichampion: Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, 2xChampion of Moldova, 2xChampion of Bulgaria, Makedonia, National Club, RKF, OANKOO, RFOS, 2xRFLS, Young Champion of Russia, 3xCandidate to Club Champion, 12xCACIB, 14xBOB, BIG-4, 2xCandidate to Young Club Champion, 5xBest Junior, 4xJ.CAC, Best Puppy of All-Russia monobreed Dog Show "Great Dane 2004", 2xBest Puppy
    Vozdukh Vremeni V-Olivia Mladshaya — was died at 2012-06-20
  • Virtual Silver Medal - second in class, Virtual Great Dane Show 2004
    Izumitelnaya Diva iz Dinastii Korolei — was died at 2010-11-18
  • Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Russia, 3xBJ, Junior Champion of Tatarstan, ANKOR Champion, 4xCW, 5xCAC, 6xBOS, 6xBOB, Candidate to Kazachstan, RFSS&RFLS Champion
    Vozdukh Vremeni Big Boy — was died at 2010-05-08
  • 2xCAC
    Kamilla s Kontinenta Dozhih Grez — was died at 2010-04-30
  • CAC
    Oldbluz Patricia — was died at 2009-12-11
  • Interchampion, Grandchampion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova, Ukraine, Young Champion of Russia, Champion of National Club, Champion of RKF, RFLS, 2xRFSS and 2xANKOR, ex.3 in Champion Class on World Championship in Poland (from 21 dogs), UCI World Champion 2004, 5xCACIB, 2xR.CACIB, multi BOB, BIS-1, BIG-1, BISJ-2, 4xBIG-2, 2xBIS, BIG-3, T-1, BIS on Great Dane Speciality Show 2007 (judge D. Gattegno, France), Best Reproductor, BIS on Great Dane Speciality Show "Zlata 2008", Best Veteran on Great Dane Speciality Shows "Allel 2008", "Great Dane 2009&q...
    CW on Virtual Great Dane Show 2006, CW, BOS, BOB on Virtual Great Dane Show 2005
    Vozdukh Vremeni Aljoscha Mladshiy — was died at 2009-09-02
  • Interchampion, Grandchampion of Russia, Champion of Russia, 2x Champion of Moldova, National Club Champion, 2xRKF Champion, Club Winner, Junior Champion of Russia, 11xCACIB, R.CACIB, 18xBOB, Best Puppy (All-Russia Dog Show "Great Dane - 2003"), Best Junior (CACIB Show "Russia-2003"), BIS, BIG-1, BIG-3, BIS on X National Specialty Great Dane Show
    Vozdukh Vremeni Bullison — was died at 2009-01-30
  • 2 excellent (Junior Class) at the monobreed National Dog Show "Great Dane 2002"
    Vozdukh Vremeni Allan — was died at 2007
  • Olivia v.d. Flottbek — was died at 2006-05-18
  • Champion of Russia, National Club Winner, 5xCAC
    Vozdukh Vremeni Bezhar — was died at 2005-09-12
  • Champion of Moldova, Junior Champion of Russia, 4xCACIB, 2xR.CACIB, 10xCAC, 2xAccordance Sertificate, 3xBest Baby, Best Puppy, 8xBest Junior
    Chicholina — was died at 2005-08-22
  • Champion of Russia, CACIB ("Russia-99"), 4xCAC, RKF Champion, BOB, BIG-3
    Dallas — was died at 2003
  • Rus. Ch., Club Ch., 3xCACIB
    Damos Dryblas Alkaba — was died at 2002-08-29
  • RUS Ch., 8xBOB
    Jeksy Mario Rolik — was died at 1999-10-06
  • Champion, 12xBOB, BIS-90 (expert - K. Gorzhack)
    Device Gor Jessy — was died at 1998-10-15
  • RUS Ch., 19xBOB
    Jeksy Yuton Latex — was died at 1997-06-27
  • Interchampion, Vice-Champion of Central and Eastern Europe, Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Roumania, Moldova, Serbia, Chernogoria, Grand-Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Roumania, 2xChampion of RKF, Champion of National Club, Champion of "Zlata" Club, 25xCACIB, 30xBOB, BIG-1, R.BIS
    Bumbarash — WAS DIED
  • 4xCACIB, 5xCAC, Grand-Champion of Russia, RKF Champion, Ch. RUS, Club Champion
    Bolshoy Jugus Limpopo — WAS DIED
  • Champion of Russia, CACIB
    Oldbluz Ajtis — WAS DIED
  • Inter.champion, Champion of Russia, RKF, Kazakhstan, 5xCACIB
    Harlen Karlett — WAS DIED
  • Ch. RUS, 3xCACIB
    Afina — WAS DIED
  • Oldbluz Nestor — WAS DIED
  • Interchampion, Grandchampion, Champion of Russia, Byelorussia, National Club, 2xChampion of Moldova, 8xCACIB, Candidate to Club Champion, 11xBOB, BIG-1
    Vozdukh Vreneni Gudzon — WAS DIED

This club has puppies for sale:

“Vozdukh Vremeni” Kennel

Puppies from La Vida Real Alfred and Vozdukh Vremeni Darina

Was born at 02.06.2013, colors: harlequin, mantle

All puppies are sold!

Contacts: +79624726647;


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