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“Grand Ulmas” Kennel

Kennel's owner: Maslennikova Julia

Moscow, Russia


Black, harlequin, fawn great danes

Great Danes in the “Grand Ulmas” Kennel

Memorial of “Grand Ulmas” Kennel

  • 3xCAC, BOS, BOB, Best Junior
    August-D-Grande — was died at 2012-08-10

This kennel has puppies for sale:

Puppies from Hors Sham Godolphin des Petites Vernieres and Grand Julmas Zhelana

Was born at 17.01.2016, colors: harlequin, merlequin

Harlequin female for sale. Total 2 puppies were born: harlequin female and merlequin male. Puppies large, bony, with beautiful heads and good forechest. For show and breeding.

Contacts: Phone +7-906-751-55-66


Puppies from Viskonti Dog Onix La Grange and Grand Julmas Gerda

Was born at 28.05.2014, colors: brindle

Brindle puppies are sale/.
All puppies are bright, good with black masks and correct anatomy.
From parents with adequate excellent mentality.
Ancestors longevity.

Contacts: Phone +7 906 751-55-66


Puppies from Zlato'A Ivanushka and Honda Grande

Was born at 26.05.2014, colors: fawn

Fawn puppies in Moscow. Active puppies, anatomically correct, with good black masks.
From parents with great mentality.
Branch longevity (grandfather lived 10 years, great-grandfather - 13 years)

Contacts: Phone +7 906 751-55-66


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