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“Gor Mari” Kennel

Kennel's owner: Gorbachevskaya Marina

Moscow, Russia

Great Danes in the “Gor Mari” Kennel

Memorial of “Gor Mari” Kennel

This kennel has puppies for sale:

“Zlata” Club

Puppies from De Fionix Earl Grey and Gigantic Dog Elionora Gor Mari

Was born at 19.09.14, colors: blue

Two gorgeous blue male are for sale. Puppies are big, with strong bones, very beautiful heads. Perfectly grown, vaccinated by age.

Contacts: phones: +7(903)576-83-49 , +7(985)669-84-19


Puppies from Alano's Shtat Ostap Bender and Germanika Gemma

Was born at 12.03.2014, colors: black, merlequin

Black and merlequin puppies are for sale in Moscow.

Contacts: phones +7 (916) 4483729, +7 (495) 4228480 Nadezhda, +7 (903) 5768349 Marina


Puppies from Quorum Da Casa Do Torrao and Tsuna Tsulari Gor Mari

Was born at 01.12.13, colors: harlequin

Harlequin puppies are for sale in Moscow

Contacts: Phones +79035768349, +74957175367


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