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“Best of Roys” Kennel
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Best Kennel on Dog Shows "Kinolog 2006", "Antey 2006", "Fauna 2007", "Korall 2006". Zlato A'Charotti & Zlato A'Billy Boy - Best Pair of Dog Shows "Antey 2006", "Fauna 2007", "Lider-Prestige 2007"

“Zlato” Kennel

Kennel's owner: Popova Anna



great danes and pugs

Great Danes in the “Zlato” Kennel

Memorial of “Zlato” Kennel

  • Zlato'A Premium — was died at 2013-12-12
    Zlato Zhofrey NOF'Zlata — was died at 2010-01-22
  • Bonifatsiy NOF'Zlata — was died at 2009-09-06
  • Zlato Evgenia — was died at 2008-09-04
  • Ch. Rus, 2-х CACIB, 2-x R.CACIB, 5-x CAC, 3-x BOB
    Zlato Edzhina — was died at 2008
  • INT CH, 2xCH RUS, CH RKF, CH KL, 8xCACIB, 28xCAC, 11xBOB, 2xCC,
    Zlato Elisei — was died at 2005-11-13
  • BJC, Best Ju.CL.
    Zlato Chillari NOF'Zlata — was died at 2005-10-21
  • INT CH, 4xBIS-1, 2xCH RUS, CH RKF, CH RKA, 8xCACIB, 3xR.CACIB, 33xCAC, 32xBOB
    Albi Zlata — was died at 2004-01-08
  • Ch. Rus
    Zlato Egor — was died at 2003
  • Grand Ch.Rus, Ch.Rus, Champion of RKF, National Club, RFSS, ANKOR, 8xCACIB, 2xR.CACIB,15xCAC, 10xBOB, 2xBJC, Best Puppy, 2xBest Junior, BIJ-4
    BV-color, BV-show, BOB-3 - Virtual Great Dane Show 2008
    Zolotoi Dog Yana NOF'Zlata — WAS DIED
  • Grand.champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Champion of Club, Champion of Club “Zlata”-2006, 4xRKF, RFLS, OANKOO, J.Champion of Russia, J.Champion of Russia Club, “Great Dane-2005”, BISS-1 “Great Dane” and “Lider-Prestiz”, J.BISS-1 – championship Russia-2005, J.BISS-1 – “Kinolog-2005”, J.BISS-1 – “Zolotaya Osen”, BISS-1 – “Kinolog-2006”, BISS-2 - 13-National Championship, BISS-1 – “Kubok Nutra”-2008, BISS-2 – “Fauna-2010”, Winner Eurazia – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 9xCACIB, 23xCAC, 22xBOB, Ch.Club
    Class Winner, Best Puppy on Virtual Great Dane Show 2005, Clas Winner , BOS, BOB , BIS - Virtual Great Dane Show 2007
    Zlato Charotty — WAS DIED

This kennel has puppies for sale:

Puppies from Viskonti Dog Onix La Grange and Giola Mia Vyam de Buena Vista

Was born at 10.05.2015, colors: fawn, brindle

May 10 ZLATO kennel puppies were born: 2 brindle males, 2 fawn male, 1 brindle female, 1 fawn female.

Contacts: phones: +7 (495) 425-2178, +7 (903) 562-1257


Puppies from Nixon Big Lord and Grand Julmas Gardena

Was born at 11.04.2014, colors: fawn

Fawn puppies are for sale

Contacts: Phone +7 903-5621257


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